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Are you an aspiring Mum professional? Maybe you are wanting to create your own mum or garter for homecoming. Well, you've come to the right place! I have opened my new YouTube channel that is all about mums and the art to having a successful business.


It's my great pleasure to share a few of the Mum Making skills that I have learned over the last ten plus years. Discover my all time favorite essential equipment for successful Homecoming Businesses, the best HTV and glitter cardstock resources, and pre-season prep suggestions. 


On my channel, I'll also share a bunch of tips, tricks,& tutorials that I've learned from my "Fairy Mum Mommas". Great collaborations are also in the works with other Industry Leading Mum Professionals.  Be sure to Like & Subscribe for the latest video releases. Happy Learning! MG

Double Candy Cane Braid YT thumbnail.png
Flower Power braid tutorial using custom jig
Drill Team Hat tutorial for homecoming mum bears


In 2014, when I first started learning how to make braids and such for homecoming mums, I found one of the "OG's" of the mum world. The owner of Melz Mums has a fantastic blog that has written, step by step instructions for many of the skills that I use on a daily basis in my Mum business. You can check out her blog here. She really encouraged me to follow in her footsteps and create video tutorials for the essential mum making skills. We are working together to help different types of learners to master Mum Making Skills. I'm looking forward to future collaborations with her!

This section is undergoing a bit of a facelift while we transition over to our new YouTube Channel. Please excuse any snafus while we adjust a few things. Love y'all! MG 

Novice Level Skills

I use a star rating system to mark the difficulty level of each tutorial. One star skills are perfect for the beginning mum maker. They don't require the use of many specialized tools or ribbons that are hard to find. Basic tools needed will be a ruler, stapler, hot glue gun and sharp scissors. Let's get started.

Prepping  Mum Flowers YouTube with My Mom's Mums
Graduation Lei YT Thumbnail.png
Quick guide to the most common ribbon sizes and their florist number size comparison

Starting to make mums can be overwhelming because experienced Mum Makers often use the term "a number three" or #3 to refer to ribbon (note that some brands may vary by an eighth of an inch). To help you keep up with tutorials and learn new braids, we've created a handy chart for you to bookmark. With practice, you'll soon be able to identify a ribbon from a distance and confidently say "that's a #5"!

Beginner Level Skills

Two star skills are perfect for the mum maker that has mastered the use of the basic tools and are starting to feel comfortable handling the different types of ribbon. These skills still don't require the use of many specialized tools or ribbons that are hard to find. Basic tools needed will be a ruler, stapler, hot glue gun and sharp scissors. 

Victory Braid YouTube with My Mom's Mums
Love Braid YT thumbnail.png
Deluxe Spirit  Braid YT thumbnail.png

DOUBLE CANDY CANE Ruler Scissors Double CC Jig 2 colors of #9 ribbon (satin acetate and metallics like diamond dust work best) 12 yds of each color

Intermediate Level Skills

Three star skills require a bit more understanding of Mum making tools and may also require the use of specialized jigs or forms to achieve the desired look. Three star skills are also more time consuming and require more ribbon, supplies, or tools. But don't let that stop you! Give them a try!

Flower Power YouTube with My Mom's Mums
Double Candy Cane Braid YT thumbnail.png

VICTORY BRAID -Scissors -Stapler -7/8" ribbons 3yds long x 4 (I use Reliant 5400 and diamond dust in this tutorial.)

Advanced Level Skills

Four star skills are designed for the most experienced mum makers. Skills in this section require specialized tools, forms and jigs and a firm grasp on mum making assembly, mum specific technical terms, braiding and the use of hot glue guns. 

Advanced Skills Tutorials Coming Soon

DRILL TEAM HAT Plastic flocked cowboy hat Scissors Pencil Clear glue pen Cardstock or thin foam Spray glue Extra fine glitter Ribbon trim

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